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Battle Dragon in the Forest

WELCOME to Dragon Art by Patrish Dehler

Patrish Dehler used 3d dragon models to create her art.  She manages to create dragons with unique personalities.  Like humans, they can be funny, grumpy, sad or vain. Dragons are great story tellers, and she has manages to make them delightfully entertaining. 

"I find 3D art allows me to create anything I can imagine. I always have ideas running around in my head.  Sometimes they come out the way imagine, and other times, they take on a life of their own. One day I may create pin-ups, another day dragons or gothic art.  I like each piece to tell a story, and often add humor".

I can personalize my dragon art so please email me, or visit my art at my shop. Cafepress - Dragon Mischief Shop



I contributed the art for a short story for children written by Mandy J. Clark.  Weeping Willow is the tale of a  young dragon that is different from her brothers.  Instead of breathing fire, she spouts out water.  Willow is sad because she is not like other dragons.  Eventually, she learns to accept the fact that while she is different, she is special. What she thought was a deficiency turns out to be a valuable asset. This books is for children ages, 3 to 14, and can be purchased at EBAY  or at Lulu.com


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